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martin nichols

Tel: 604.740.1453

You’ll find Martin Nichols most of the time on Canada’s Sunshine Coast, a cool little speck of a place on the edge of the phenomenal Pacific Northwest. Born and raised in London—also phenomenal, and “unalterably hardwired into my psyche”—he has in his time here been smitten with the power and mystery of the West Coast and the imposing characters it contains.


Why photography? The guy actually makes a good living as a graphic designer yet has always had a thing for photo: it frees him artistically and "there are no ****ing deadlines." He holds no rigid photographic views other than for him an image has to appeal on an emotional level, and that “what you leave out of an image is as important as what you leave in.”


When he’s not shooting he’s usually hanging out with his wife Jules (who is fabulous by the way, as are their three kids), or helping out as a paramedic in his local community. Spiritually, he embraces a Buddhist philosophy while also enjoying rock music and a decent single malt (—“hey, can you even do that?”).

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